The Convergence Movement: “A Cross Denominational Kingdom Builders Alliance & Leadership Empowerment Zone”

What the #ConvergenceMovement Is Not


What the Convergence Movement is Not. 


The Convergence Movement is not the Ecumenical Movement.

The Ecumenical Movement has been a constructive and instrumental part in preparing the scene for the Convergence Movement.   It was at first, and will continue to be, necessary for the various factions and denominations of God’s church to dialog and commence tearing down the walls of division.  God has blessed this effort.  The Convergence Movement, however, has identified the three living streams of the Church and invites God to bring them together as one complete life-giving river.  “There is a river whose streams make glad the city of God, the Place where the Most High dwells” (Psalm 46:4).  These three streams each in their own way have defined the map of Christianity through the ages and will merge like a  flood into the future to bring reconciliation and unleash God’s powerful purpose for his Church.  For the present time, Convergence Churches will be powerful symbols and agents of rapproachement and the impending unity of God’s people in the midst of a growing darkness and alienation in the world.

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